Child of Light and Shadow (Part 2)

My head is aching as I communicate with Xe’ra as the being attempts to show me a vision from Illidan’s memory.  The child of Light and Shadow that is destined to end the age of demons is the very same Illidan that I know as the Great Betrayer.  “How can we have such great expectations and hopes from someone who turns on their very own brother?”  I question Xe’ra, and she pushes the painful memories to light.  As every great villain has a complicated past, it seems Illidan is no different, but it’s as though maybe he is not a villain at all.  Could it really be that every single decision he has made has been for the big picture?  Is he so far advanced in his plans that he is now some evil genius that is truly on our side, the side of light, hope, and the future?

I hear someone calling to me and bringing me out of my revelry, it’s an invite from someone named Blane.  My heart gets way too excited as I feel the flutters bloom as I quickly accept the invite without even knowing where I’m going.  My suspicions are confirmed, my new Death Knight friend is in fact named Blane, and he wants to venture into the Vault of the Wardens.  It seems our paths are more inter-connected than I thought because after what I’ve just learned of Illidan, I want nothing more than to question some of the wardens that have witnessed some of Illidan’s deeds first hand.

In the party, I meet a hunter with some unruly beasts that only listen to their master at some times, but Ravyn is a skilled tactician and gives us all a snack before we venture further into the vault. Virgo is a hell-acious warrior that is ready to tear through our enemies and help me get to the answers I am seeking.  Last, but not least we have Revan, a sneaky rogue that wields his daggers with skill and precision. Blane readies the party and we quickly start to proceed through the halls, after many battles we finally make it to Cordana.  The warden that allied herself with the Burning Legion and opened these doors for Guldan himself.  Her riddles and taciturn responses leave me with more questions than answers, feeling we will get nothing more here, we end her and take the loot before we go.

I’m about to call it a day when Blane whispers to me, “You seem to fit in really well with my people…why don’t you join our guild?”  I take a minute to process this before I respond. “I don’t really have many friends where I am, but if I join your guild…I need to know that I’ll have people that will help me like today. I like to have strong damage and of course a great tank to help me survive the obstacles on this new battle front.” Even though I don’t say it, what I really mean is I want to run with you, with your people all the time…don’t give me false hope that I don’t have to be alone anymore.  He responded and I knew there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I was making the right decision, “Well, regardless of if you join or not, you’ll always have me around.” He ended with a wink and that cute smile of his… I left a letter for my guildies as I quickly joined the ranks.  The communications board was active and everyone there greeted me with hearty welcome, I felt as though I was truly finding my place.

Although the day was coming to an end, this guild seemed to be full of people that never slept.  The battle always the first and foremost concern, as well as where to spread their ranks to make the most difference in Azeroth. I had heard rumors of the corruption spreading throughout Val’sharah and even witnessed the death of Ysera myself.  “I can come in and help heal, if you need my help,” I chimed in.  Blane eagerly invited me and I could tell he was glad as I saw him vouching for me to the raid and letting them know that I was indeed skilled with the light. Once we enter into the corrupted zone I met Kanien, a monk that weaves intricate healing spells with only mist; his friendly and joking attitude reminds me of many others in the guild and I know instantly that we’re going to be great friends.  I also meet Mick, the other tank that has a cool demeanor and thick fur that doesn’t let any of the silly comments from the other guildies get to him.  Mick is also the guild master, which makes him a little intimidating to me, but he seems like a straight-forward guy that likes to have fun.

There are so many new faces and lots of personalities, but it’s time to start working together as we kill our first boss, Nythendra.  The team makes quick work of her as I learn that many of these people are very skilled in their classes, I know I’m going to fit in well here as I start to sing my Divine Hymn and bring the entire raid up to full health. We quickly traverse through the Nightmare, cleansing the corruption and allowing me to go to bed with peace of mind…knowing I’m in a safe place with good friends and many more potential friends, this is why I choose to come to the battlefront.

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