An Unlikely Alliance (Part 3)

As First Arcanist Thalyssra is telling me the tragic story of how Suramar and the withered came to be, I notice Blane is also in Suramar. We quickly join up as we start working our way through our quest log.  I notice that he’s dabbling in the unholy magic and find our situation quite curious.  We couldn’t be more different, myself calling on the holy light, while he uses all that is unholy to scourge and plague our enemies. As we do this for weeks, I feel our bond growing…we are coming to rely on each other for even the simplest of tasks.  Maybe more so me, than him, but nevertheless, it feels like something warm and magical and I’m so scared to talk about it for fear that it’s all in my head.

After spending so much time exploring Suramar and learning about how the Legion changed the Nightborne and their way of thinking…we’re finally ready.  We’re going to breach the Nighthold and confront Grand Magistrix Elisande.  Our entire raid prepares and we quickly burst through the entrance as we destroy the enemies. We have prevailed through every enemy, but as we approach Grand Magistrix Elisande we realize how extraordinarily tired we are.  Is it her manipulation on time, her endless chatter, or the couple of hours that have passed as we made our way through this estate?  Nevertheless, we regroup, call it a night and plan to come back.

The following day we eagerly approach The Nighthold and venture back to the Grand Magistrix where we hear her side of the story.  She prattles on about how it was her only choice and in all time lines the Legion prevails.  We quickly begin our attack and when she’s almost dead, she alters the time and restores her health, while we are not so fortunate. As the time shifts, making us dizzy and pause… Elisande realizes that we can win.  We can beat the Legion.  As we bring her to her end, she quickly changes allegiance and decides she now wants us to win against the Legion to free her people from her terrible bargain.  We must go face Gul’dan, and the fear in the room is palpable.

Gul’dan, where is everyone getting this idea that he’s immortal?  It does feel as though we’ve faced him over and over and he always finds a way out, but I feel like this is it.  We’re going to get him this time, I can feel it. As he binds us in chains, the others help to release them and we make our way back. Finally, we feel the blood lust running through our veins and I sing with the holy light breathing the light of life into my people as we finally end one of the greatest monsters in Azeroth.  Gul’dan falls and we’re all breathless as we watch Illidan himself come down and finish him off. Illidan turns to us and we try to keep our excitement contained as he asks us to follow him into the abyss.

Holy Freaking Illidan… Illidan is here, he killed Gul’dan, he’s really here with us and he has a plan.  We’ve all been hearing about his plan, but this is seeing that he is really here to be a part of it. What does he have in store for us? The guild is alive with ideas and theories, but I catch Blane’s icy gaze and how can one’s eyes be so cold and hot at the same time? I feel my heart skip a beat as he takes my hand and we leave the raid group.

Seek and Ye Shall Find (Part 4)

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