Seek and Ye Shall Find (Part 4)

Sweat drips down my face as I climb up the mountain, helping to defend this mountain yet again against the droves of demons pouring through portals on my left and right.  The closer we are to having everything we need to follow Illidan into the tomb, the more the Legion presses their attack on us.  I have never seen as many demons as I have today. The land is becoming scarred with the fel energy these beasts leave behind, yet we press on. Blane, Ravyn, and I do what we can to hold the legion forces at bay in this area.  Finally, we decide the only way to end this is to exhaust their endless chain of demons and take out their commander.

Khadgar has asked us the return to the Broken Shore so we can establish footholds closer to the Tomb of Sargeras.  My pulse accelerates as my blood ferociously pours through my veins…last time I saw the Broken Shore was the day I decided to join the Battle and it was scary.  The demons were huge, vicious, and stopped at nothing to destroy everything. That was the day that Vol’jin was gravely injured.  The Alliance lost their King that day.  We’ve been letting the Broken Shore rot away as a demon stronghold, with their Sentinax soaring overhead.  Now, Khadgar feels that with a simple demand he can send hundreds into the fray to establish a stronghold, as if it were that simple. He senses my apprehension and promises that he will give me even greater power and the light inside me pulses.  As if I’m a fiend and becoming addicted to this holy magic, the prospect of more power will always outweigh the danger before me.

Blane and I venture to the Broken Shore, hand in hand as we go to Deliverance Point. Everyday, we grind out what is needed until we get closer to the opening of the tomb. We gather supplies, complete quests, help build buildings, only to have the Legion tear them down days later.  One day, our reputation throughout the Broken Shore started to precede us and finally we were permitted air clearance. Flying around makes life so much easier as we mount up and feel the air brush against our skin…if only I could enjoy it, on this island the stench of fel and death fill the air and nearly make me gag.  Nevertheless, flying is still better than forcing my mounts to traverse such harsh terrain that is covered with enemies.

I get a call to go back to my order hall to find an elusive creature called a Lightsworn Seeker that is hidden away in a long, lost Titan vault somewhere off the coast of Aszuna. While Blane has his own mission, he and I go our separate ways to get our class mounts.  I take a submarine ride, and I will leave out all the details for now, but I will say it was amazing. My seeker is calm, controlled, and glows with a golden halo of beauty surrounding its snowy feathers.

As I fly around on my new mount, I realize, we’re really close to breaching the Tomb.  Any day now, we will follow Illidan into that tomb Aegwynn sealed up so long ago.  What will we find in there?  What monsters do I need to prepare for?  Is there every really enough preparation for a raid?  Will my people be ready?


Are you prepared? Through the Gates of Hell (Part 5)

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