Through the Gates of Hell (Part 5)

Gul’dan used his power to raise this long hidden tomb, once he was inside he found a way to break the seals between the Legion’s world and ours.  As we stand on the Broken Shore and gaze upon the Cathedral with the Tomb inside, Khadgar gives us a mission requiring us to go into the Cathedral.  We follow Maiev and Illidan and soon after walking in, Illidan uses his wings and flies off after Mephistroth, leaving us behind as usual. Having Illidan with you in battle is nerve-wracking and I’m coming to learn this is how it has always been.  You want to rely on him because you know he is strong and has the right goals in mind…but he does whatever it takes to win and expects the same from his team.  Not many are willing to sacrifice everything, which is why he created the Illidari, the demon hunters, that are like-minded and willing to sacrifice it all to stop the Legion. Honestly, I never know if he will be there when we need him.

After we killed the monster that should have stayed in school, we head to the stairs where Maiev and Illidan keep their banter going.  Maiev yells, “Did you really thing you could elude me, Illidan? Run again and I’ll shackle you like the beast you are.”  Illidan dismisses her, “Posture if you must, Maiev, but for now, do what you do best and follow me.”  I chuckle a bit, then Maiev gives me a burning look of anger and I think this lady really needs a chill pill. I think her need to always be around Illidan is possibly about more than wanting to be his warden.  Khadgar  panics as he informs us, “We’ve lost. The Legion broke our lines and pushed us out of the tomb.  You’re all that stands between them and the Aegis. They are coming!”

While Illidan and Maiev stay on the stairs and hold the ranks from behind, we must press forward and claim the Aegis.  We defeat Domatrax as the Aegis shields us from his attacks, but it’s not over yet.  Illidan takes off to help clear the skies, then Mephistroth shows up thinking he can make easy work of us.  We hold him off until Illidan makes his way back to us and the dreadlord falls into the shadows.  We defend Illidan with the Aegis while he pulls Mephistroth back into the light where we can destroy him.  Blane looks to me as we finally defeat the dread lord with a slightly worried look and he doesn’t have to speak.  The demons in this place were a lot stronger than the others we have faced.  Aegwynn’s image appears to us as she talks about the shield and informs us of our progress with the Legion. “There is still hope.  By anchoring the Pillars of Creation in the halls below, you will restore my wards and push back against the invaders.  Then you must venture into the depths of the tomb and use the Eye of Aman’ Thul to eradicate the Felstorm and sever the Legion’s link to Azeroth.”  She also warns us that the Pillars alone aren’t enough, we need a strong, united army to take into the raid with us.

Blane and I go over strategies that we can help use tonight as our raid prepares for going through the heroic gates of hell.  The tension and excitement is palpable as everyone eagerly gathers out front.  Once we enter the tomb Khadgar yells for us to “Fall Back!”  Goroth climbs out of the pits of hell and is ready to try and regain favor with the Legion by destroying us all.  We notice the strange runes on the wall, but someone translates that they will turn you into a memory of Gul’dan, allowing you to traverse the tomb as he once did.  After we defeat Goroth, Aegwynn appears as she promised she would, informing us of how she sealed the tomb and how we must place a pillar in each individual seal to reactivate the protective wards.

We make our way up the stairs where Artigan and Belac are eagerly lying in wait.  These two rely on physical and mental pain to torment their captors causing complete anguish.  When the anguish is too much to bear, you must confess while you wrestle to subdue your tormented soul until you can grasp a remnant of hope and face the demonic inquisition again.  Our raid struggled to control our torment souls and after some time we finally managed to defeat the two tormentors.  We placed the Hammer of Khaz’goroth into the seal and reactivate this ward.  Blane looks at me and dead pan states, “Carl’s Garage will never be safe without their hammer.” This is a long standing joke between us because in Neltharion’s Lair when they speak of the Hammer of Khaz’goroth, it sounds like ‘Carl’s Garage’ and for a while, Blane couldn’t hear differently. As we laugh and cut up we realize how late it’s getting, instead of pushing further into the tomb, we decide this is a good place to take a break before we see what lies below.

What Lies Beneath? (Part 6)

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