What Lies Beneath? (Part 6)

A new day, a new battle… this is the way of life when you’re living with demons.  I walk around this new Dalaran and wonder how many in the guild will show up tonight to help us raid.  Waiting outside the gates as we pull in recruitments for the night is really quite tiresome.  It’s very unnerving knowing whether or not the people you bring in will know how to use their weapons and have your back when you need it. Blane shows up and we decide to take my key to the Vault of the Wardens and see if we can beat the timer to get a chest full of precious loot before the raid.  As we do we notice how many in the guild seem to be falling behind, now is not the time to let the Legion know we’re getting tired.  Thank goodness for our solid core, our tanks and healers know what to do and are ready to clear the tomb.  Guild tensions all over the realm are palpable as people clear the Tomb on various difficulties preparing for mythic raiding, but our small core knows we will work through whatever comes our way.

The time has came and we’re ready to gather our heroic team to raid the tomb again and see what lies beneath.  As we go down the dark tunnel, glowing with fel we can hear the growls of naga and murlocs.  Illidan again chimes in that his use of the naga was a necessary evil and whether we understand it or not, being here, we must do what’s necessary to stop the Burning Legion.  As we approach the enemies we hear the Mis’tress yell that they plan on taking back what they claim is theirs… The Tidestone, the pillar that we will use to reseal this area and stop the demonic invasion. We quickly kill her lackeys, but they are no match for the gigantic brute we now see, Harjatan.  The naga calls to his murloc followers during the battle, and we keep pressing on.  Relentess to get to their Mis’tress and defeat these monsters.  He falls, and we venture further beneath the Tomb.

Her followers slow us down, but nothing will stop us from sealing this portal tonight.  We make our way to the Abyssal Throne and face Mis’tress Sass’zine to seal this part of the Tomb and secure the lower chambers before we venture further into the tomb.  She proves to be a great adversary as we struggle to deal with her many abilities and followers.  Hours pass and we have to pause to pull in more recruits to replace those that couldn’t handle the battle any longer. Finally, we kill her and we’re ready to go to the ancient chamber above. The lingering ghosts of the night elves are all around, their guard never wavering as they’re defending this tomb, but the invaders and time have warped their senses between friends and foe.

We make our way to the delusional sisters, where talking shows no improvement in our situation… These sisters must be dealt with to press further into the tomb. Their love for the moon is apparent as they warp the moonlight to their will in this room, causing it to burn as it eclipses us.  The shadows playing into their dark magic as they take their turns tormenting us, but in the end we prevailed.  Next, we venture down the wailing halls where the spectral visitors aren’t too happy with our presences as the priestesses and guardians attack us.  We hear strange noises at the end, leading us to the Engine of Souls.

Here we must use the Tears of Elune to seal this part of the Tomb; however, the Legion has twisted this burial ground of the ancient night elves.  We must defeat the Engine of Souls and the Soul Queen so we can reseal this legion portal. Our team buckles down as we have another hard battle ahead of us.  Our team struggles as it feels like our souls will wither away the more time we spend in this realm. Finally, the Host shows himself and once we encountered him, our blood lust couldn’t be held back any longer.  As the Host withers away into true death our team is so exhausted, whatever other beings we will face in this Tomb must wait.  But tonight, we will celebrate.  Killing four strong bosses that stood between us and purging this tomb before we reseal it, stopping the Legion invasions across Azeroth.  One day, I’ll be able to tell my children what it was like in the Tomb of Sargeras, what it was like to play a role in first hand in stopping the Demonic Invasions… My children… I feel the flutters in my tummy as Blane grabs my hand and we make our way out of the Tomb for tonight.

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