The Deceiver Will Fall (Part 8)

As we approach the Tomb, a sense of dread is lingering in the group… to face such a powerful foe is a rare occurrence.  We’ve heard many guilds struggle as they have tried to bring Kil’Jaeden down, but we won’t let that stop us.  We hear Velen and Kil’Jaeden argue about their past as Kil’Jaeden attempts to separate the group, but Velen won’t allow it.  Together we stand as we struggle to bring down Kil’Jaeden, our attempts make us weary and we must take a break from battle.  On break I notice that Blane didn’t seek me out, as he usually does…this is probably because I haven’t responded to his confession of love. I know how I feel, but I haven’t said those words to anyone in a very long time, and they feel odd to me.

Many attempts to battle with Kil’Jaeden were to be expected, but we finally fall into darkness.  We all rush to Illidan to be granted vision so we may escape the darkness and face The Great Deceiver yet again. As we stand together, we use all our power to finally bring an end to this tyrant.  I feel myself being pulled into the darkness, but I can’t resist as I sing my hymn to heal up the raid…it’s not enough to save myself.  I feel my spirit redeem itself and I’m thankful to X’anshi as I know I’ll return to life.  I watch in relief as Kil’Jaeden takes his last breath with Argus in the background, I know he’s gone forever.

We all celebrate for a moment and in my joy, I turn to Blane as I pull him in for a kiss and whisper in his ear, “I love you.” He embraces me and the world around us dissolves for a split second.  As we hear Khadgar and Illidan start to argue and ruin the moment.  We see Argus in the distance and we see what Illidan has done to anger Khadgar. What does this mean for Azeroth?  We finally have Argus, home to demons in our grasp, but we are also in theirs. We finally have the chance to end this war, but who knows what we will face in doing so.

Blane and I go to a more private place so we can continue our celebration of our newly embraced love.  As we head to my old home, feelings of life stir inside me.  My hand unconsciously cradles my belly and I wonder when I’ll start to show.  How can I tell him that I plan on bringing a life we created into this dangerous world?  Maybe we will have the chance to make it safe before that day. But for now we have some time, if I tell him it will just mean two of us worry, so, I’ll let him have his peace.  We can just enjoy being us, before we head to Argus, before we rid Azeroth of the Burning Legion for good… And before our family is really started.

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