Destiny 2 & You

Bungie is ramping up their game-play like never before with their newest release of Destiny 2 for Xbox 1 and PS4 on Sept. 6 and on PC Oct. 24 and we’re excited for it!

We are humanity’s last hope in this game as the last safe city is becoming overrun by the Red Legion. The previous Guardians are left powerless and the survivors of the city are being forced out. You will go on an adventure to unknown worlds, discovering new weapons and learning new combat techniques so that you will have the courage to face Ghaul and defeat the Red Legion.  You will help other heroes unite and reclaim this world for all man-kind.

One downfall that I’ve noticed so far is that everything you did in Destiny 1 (power, possessions, Eververse items, & currency) doesn’t rollover… but at least you can keep you appearance.  I’m actually ok with starting over, because on PC you’ll have 4k resolution and an uncapped frame-rate and it looks amazing! They are also partnering with Razer for Destiny 2- themed peripherals and these will allow for the most accurate game-play on PC.

What makes it different from Destiny 1? We will get to see new weapons like the chaingun and grenade launcher and all the old weapons are completely revamped.  While there aren’t new classes to play, there are sub-classes which will have cool weapons and attacks that make your character stand out.   There’s going to me more to do than patrols, like four new worlds and you can travel to from your current location.  There is also a new match making system to help people fill gaps in their roster or join into a group that needs more.  This is going to make raids and PvP go smoother for people that are exploring the content solo.

All in all with the partnering of Bungie and, we think that Destiny 2 on PC is going to be amazing, and if you’re looking for a fun, new game, give Destiny 2 a try.

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