Destiny 2 What Guardian Are You?

New or returning players are ready to jump into Destiny 2, but we all start with the same question. Which class should I play?  This decision is so important because the class you choose affects how much you enjoy the game. I’m going to do my best to break down some of the classes so that you can match your play style to the best suited guardian and enjoy kicking ass.


If you’re an aggressive player.  If you like to rush the enemy, then this tanky class may be your ideal character.  Their class ability with barriers speak for themselves, but you will also have a boosted recovery as well as more health than other classes. The two subclasses, Sentinel and Striker, will allow you to customize this guardian even more.

The Sentinel is going to give you that Captain America feel as your shield powers up and toss it towards your enemies.  You will have great survivability with this super and you’ll feel like a hero.

The Striker is an AOE shockwave god that rocks PvP and PvE. You’ll have two awesome grenades and is probably one of the strongest PvP options in the game.


If you’re a reactive player. You like to adjust your playstyle to see what the enemy has in store.  This is the most mobile class in the game and you can get vertical quick.  They are the best jumpers in the game, but they can feel a little squishy at times. Their recovery and resistance is the lowest of all three classes, which is why they are so mobile. If you find your self in a tricky situation, use your dodge and jumps to get away.  The two subclasses for hunters are Arc Strider and Gunslinger allowing you to play into what you like.

The Strider allows for a melee approach, allowing you to rush in and smash your enemies.

The Gunslinger allows you to play more range, even allowing you to throw knives.


If you’re a defensive player.  If you like to sit back and allow the enemy to come to you.  These great team players are patient and enjoy trapping enemies.  Your jumps are more like a graceful float that even allow you to dodge mid-air. This class falls in the middle of titan and hunter as far as recovery and resilience go, but their abilities not only benefit themselves, they bring it all for the team with their rifts.  The two subclasses with the Dawnblade and the Voidwalker offer impressive damage as well as animations.

The Dawnblade is a sword that tears through your enemies, but it can also be thrown.

The Voidwalker is the only one-and-done super in the game. The large void sphere will seek out your enemies and explode leaving residual spheres that can help track out other enemies as well.

Destiny 2 is looking and feeling great! Hopefully you choose a class that you enjoy and have awesome luck with some Legendaries 🙂

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