E-Sports and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational

The recent Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) showed us World of Warcraft like never before, allowing for E-Sports in a PvE environment. Most people in the game are highly opinionated when it comes to Mythic Plus dungeons either for or against, but opinions aside, Mythic + has changed World of Warcraft. Allowing a close-knit group to push themselves like never before in World of Warcraft brings out the competitive nature of hard-core gamers, and we love it!

Raider.IO and Blizzard’s Twitch account did great covering the event, they had entertaining and knowledgeable hosts with recognizable faces from the WoW gaming community.

With a whopping monetary reward at the end of the event, many groups pulled together their best teams to perform from all around the globe. The competition started with eight groups from each region: China, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. We watched as the groups were matched and teams pulled off their crazy executions.  We watched as the groups raced to best out of three, some pulling ahead and winning with two wins back to back and eliminating the competition.

Gear/Class was not an issue in the MDI because all people competing had the option to create any character, with any gear they could imagine (935ilvl), which essentially leveled the playing field for all the teams.

Making it into the Semi-Finals we had the best groups from around the world.

From the Americas we saw Premonition, a group that usually sported a guardian druid, Eman, a holy paladin, Zach, a hunter, Malvose, a warrior, Cistara, and a rogue/mage, TopCatz.

From Europe we met Raider.IO, with a team that was a blood death knight, Thorefulz, a holy paladin, Meowchan, a rogue, Musclebrah, a warrior, Trakham, and a druid Guti.

From the Asia/Pacific we had Honestly with a guardian druid/prot warrior, Pumps, a resto druid Dorfie, a rogue, Nibren, a warlock, Warier, and a mage/druid, Meod.

Last, but not least and also from the Asia/Pacific region we had Free Marsy with a guardian druid/blood death knight, Brath, a resto druid, Xera, a rogue, Ero, a hunter, Poom, and a warrior, Retro.

And Congratulations to Free Marsy for the overall win and outstanding performance in the MDI.

You can still catch up on the events and watched all that you missed at Raider.io. Browsing through you can learn some great techniques to apply to live Mythic+ and learn from these well-structured teams.  Blizzard plans on keeping Mythic+ around as a way to keep competitive PvE in the game that can be easily accessible for the every day player.  Let us know what you think about the MDI or Mythic+ in the comments. 🙂

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