Better Together, Indeed

Recently Minecraft, a sand-box style game for building and exploring with digital blocks, has taken a huge step in the gaming industry.  They’ve stepped forward with their newest update called “Better Together” and have bridged the gaps so that all their players can cross platform and play together.  This update includes players gaming from mobile devices, PC, Xbox, and even VR players. We can only hope that other gaming moguls will follow the lead.

As an avid gamer, I can honestly say that, I don’t really care for game systems. I care for how I play them, what my preferences are. I prefer keyboard and mouse, it’s where I’m comfortable and I hate that sometimes I won’t want to play another game simply because I know I will get aggravated at the controls or operating system I must use to play it.  I hate it even more when my gaming buddies are all checking out this new game, but we can’t play it together because we are playing different platforms of the game.

Maybe it’s time for the rest of the gaming community to step up and follow Mojang and 4J Studios.  Maybe it’s time that their audience demands it.  We have seen that it can be done.  The entire virtual world can be linked, and we want it. We want that better together experience for more games, we don’t want to face virtual restrictions that keep us away from our friends.  We want a new gaming world that integrates all platforms.

I know this may be easier said than done, but in this industry, we are constantly pushing the bar on innovation and technology. This technology is obviously already here, I want to know how many other games plan to follow? I feel like there isn’t enough cross-platform rave out there to make these companies feel the pressure, and maybe there should be. It’s our job to speak up and let these companies know what we want.

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