WoW all the Mounts!

Is it just me or has the latest patch in World of Warcraft felt enriched with mounts? I don’t feel like I noticed it right away, but it seems to be more than I’ve ever seen released in one patch. I’m just going to recap some of these fantastic mounts and where you can get them.

The first mount that I’m going to mention is the Lucid Nightmare. This is definitely a mount that you must earn by putting in a little work, but it looks fantastic.

Here’s a guide sharing how to get it if you’re interested.

I love mounts that you can earn, then you don’t have to farm and wait for RNG to be on your side. By far one of my favorite mounts in the game is the Lightforged Warframe, it looks fantastic.  After you reach Exalted rep with The Army of the Light, you can purchase your own for a hefty sum of 500,000 gold, but for a mount as clean and fancy as this one, it’s worth it.

Also mounts you can buy with rep on Argus when exalted with Argussian Reach are the various color shades of Ruinstriders. There are even more colors available and they are only 10,000 gold each.

The next mount is going to be one that your team will have to help you earn, and that is the Antoran Gloomhound from the  Glory of the Argus Raider achievement. Get your raid team hyped to get this amazing mount.

The next mount is simply beautiful and I’m so glad they’ve added it into an earn-able mount. The Violet Spellwing will be a quest reward from killing Argus, the Unmaker.

Next we can always look forward to the Vicious & Prestigious PvP mounts that usually look pretty awesome.

The next one is a little RNG, but stick with it long enough and you’ll get the fishing mount Pond Nettle. It drops from fishing in Argus, as long as your skill level is maxed.

The next mounts I’ll mention are showing up all over the place. These mana rays come from  Fel-Spotted Egg, and take 5 days to hatch in your inventory. These aren’t always mounts though, they can be pets or even Aged Yolk :(. You get the Fel-Spotted Eggs from rare corrupted panthara’s on Argus, and they have a fairly high drop rate. The four mounts you can get are below pictured in the color order of Felglow, Darkspore, Vibrant, and Scintillating.

These next mounts are all similar but drop from various rares. Pictured in order by name, spawn: We have the Vile Fiend which drops from Houndmaster Kerrax, Crimson Slavermaw which drops from Blistermaw, Acid Belcher which drops from Skreeg the Devourer, and lastly the Biletooth Gnasher which can drop from 3 rares: Vrax’Thul, Puscilla, and Mother Rosula.

Up next we have a few more from Rare drops on Argus.

The Maddened Chaos Runner, that drops from Wrangler Kravos looks pretty sweet.

The Lambent Mana Ray that drops from Venom Skytail feels a little disappointing after so many other mana rays drop also, but at least it is the coolest and very bright.

As you can see there are all these mounts and even more that I didn’t cover, so if you haven’t been out trying to get a few, try today. There’s a good chance you’ll get something. 🙂


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