How to Be a Better Raider

This is a simple, helpful guide on how to be a better raider.  This is geared more towards World of Warcraft players and while some of the aspects are specific for it, the general principles are universal.

To start off, end of game content in all games is supposed to be difficult, if it isn’t then you probably aren’t truly pushing yourself into the end of game content. Most games have various difficulty levels so that they cover a range of player skill. Player skill isn’t always easy to access, but most people know where they are comfortable and know when the game content is just too difficult.  Every player is different, and in MMORPG you will always find toxic players that use their elite-ness to make some feel bad.  However, not all good players like to make others feel bad, some go out of their way to make others feel better.

  • Access your game skill.  If you are in a raid and find no challenge, you should be raiding in a higher difficulty.  If you find the mechanics challenging, and you often find you’re not able to keep up with the other raiders, then you should be raiding at a lower difficulty.  These are outside of your raid team’s progression and farm mode.  Most players are suited to raid at Heroic difficulty, but you’ll find these are the worst pug groups you will find.  Either people are coming in and they are unfamiliar with the mechanics or they’re not at the performance level they should be, which counts for the Mythic raiders to help carry the Normal raiders.
  • Remember everyone is not on your level. If you’re the Normal raider, remember it’s not fun for the Mythic raiders to be wasting their time wiping on what is farm mode for them. Everyone understands you want to push content, but if you’re not familiar with the fights, don’t move up to a higher difficulty just because your ilvl says you should. If you’re the Mythic raider, remember not everyone there is (if this is a pug group).  Just because they may not be the same skill level as you doesn’t mean they are uneducated or bad players. Most importantly, remember everyone is a person, and they are playing this GAME to have fun.

  • Make yourself a better raider. This is for everyone, no matter your difficulty. As a Mythic raider, I often find myself looking over my performance and critiquing it so that I may get a better parse. In the images above you’ll see my current progression in Mythic, then how I improved my parses in Heroic. If you enjoy raiding, then you probably also enjoy trying to be the best that you can.  There are many tools to help you get better, from watching people stream, YouTube videos, Warcraftlogs, and WowAnalyzer.  Being a better raider means truly understanding your tool kit, as all Mythic raiders do. So if you’re not a Mythic raider, this is what is holding you back. That means knowing more than your rotation (or spell priority for healers).  It means knowing what you have for cc, stun, or interrupt.  Knowing what you have to survive like personal cool downs.  Most importantly, it means knowing when to use these cool-downs.

  • Raid Awareness. Don’t have a messy UI (healers are usually a bit more cluttered than dps), it makes it harder to pay attention to what is happening around you. If you’re not hyper aware, that’s ok…but in any difficulty of raiding you need to be aware of where you are, where the healers are (are you in range of them?), and where the tanks/bosses/adds are.  There is an add-on called GTFO, to remind you to watch your feet, but the rest you have to develop with time and practice.

That’s it, four fairly easy steps that will help you be a better raider. Make sure you’re playing at the right difficulty, be nice, always analyze your play and try to make it better (highly recommend Warcraftlogs and WowAnalyzer), and be aware of your surroundings.  Hope these tips help you, and always remember, it’s just a game-so have fun!

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