Antorus Trinkets, Which is best for you?

So many people are excited about the Antorus raid and for good reason.  This is thought to be the last raid of Legion, which means we will get hints at the end of it on where our next expansion is heading, but more importantly, it’s our end of game loot table.  Trinkets are the most exciting part of loot because it can alter your game play or give exciting boosts to it. I’m going to show you some of the best trinkets, and some that work differently than anything we’ve seen before.

To start with we will look at DPS trinkets.

 Gorshalach’s Legacy – Named after Sargeras’ weapon this trinket gives your melee attacks a chance to stack echoes on your target. Once you hit 15 stacks, you lash out in a 15 yard cone with a sweet animation.

 Shadow-Singed Fang – From the Felhounds of Sargeras, this trinket grants your autoattacks a chance to increase your Critical Strike. When the trinket procs you can see the influences of the fire and shadow hounds shroud your weapon.

 Seeping Scourgewing – This trinket allows your melee attacks to have a chance to cause a Shadow Strike to deal more damage to a single target enemy.

 Forgefiend’s Fabricator – This trinket allows both melee and ranged attacks to plant Fire Mines at the enemy’s location that detonate after 15s and deals damage to all enemies within 12 yards. It is an on use to detonate all the mines with a 30s CD.

Tank Trinkets

 Smoldering Titanguard -An on-use trinket with a 2 min CD allowing the tank to channel (can’t move) a Bulwark of flame to absorb nearly 18.5 mil damage for 3s; when the Bulwark expires you release 4 waves of flame dealing almost 1 mil fire damage to all enemies.

 Diima’s Glacial Aegis -Another on-use trinket with a 1 min CD that will allow you to increase your armor by 8k for 12s and deal frost damage to enemies and also slow them for the duration of the buff.

Healer Trinkets

 Vitality Resonator – This trinket will be desired by most casters (not just healers), allowing an on use to redirect the life force of an enemy and grant a large chunk of Intellect for 15s, with a 1 min CD.

 Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter  – Allows the healer to cast a Felshield on an ally (up to almost 800k), but when it expires it will deal 50% (disc priest only get 22.5%) of the absorbed damage split to all enemies within 8 yds.

 Tarratus Keystone – On use trinket with a one and half minute CD to open a portal of healing light for all injured allies within 20 yds.

 Carafe of Searing Light – This is the mana regen trinket for the raid and it’s looking pretty promising by putting an 18 sec dot on a target and restoring mana each time damage is dealt.

These are just a few of the many amazing trinkets in Antorus, but don’t forget we have The Pantheon Trinkets.

The Pantheon Trinkets are a bit different from any we’ve seen in the game. In HFC we saw a collaborative Legendary in the ring, where if one proc’d the ring, it would proc for all of that wore that ring. With the Pantheon we have that mindset, but the added uncertainty of RNG. So there are 6 trinkets, all of which have their individual buff; however, when all 6 buffs are triggered in a raid  the entire raid will receive The Pantheon Buff, which is an additional buff specific to each trinket.


Could prevent class stacking, allowing people to bring in more diverse roles.

More trinkets, more buffs, allowing a slight nerf going into Mythic/Heroic content if the raid is getting the full use of The Pantheon buffs.

Usually proc’s on pull, allowing everyone to have a super strong opener with all the buffs.


There are 6 different trinkets, all must be equipped to get the Pantheon proc…some are under-tuned making them less desirable for certain classes to wear.

The raid team will rely on RNG hoping for more proc’s to all be going at the same time for the Pantheon benefit.

If you’d like to look more at these trinkets, you can find a lot of information here.

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