BlizzCon 2017 Important Info

If you weren’t able to watch today with BlizzCon’s Virtual Ticket, or attend BlizzCon in person; don’t worry, we will cover the important stuff you missed. This exciting time of year for Blizzard fans is finally here and we can’t wait to what’s in store. I’ll get straight to it:

For OverWatch

A new hero, Moria.

A new Map.

A new theme park like map called Blizzard World where you can explore all Blizzard’s greatness that will go live in 2018.

For StarCraft II

This game will be free to play starting November 14, 2017.

For Hearthstone

The next update was announced to be Kobolds and Catacombs.

For Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is getting a new free-to-play but familiar hero.

For World of Warcraft

Finally my favorite Blizzard game and what many people were on edge to hear, the new expansion for WoW is Battle for Azeroth.

They are also bringing back Vanilla WoW for those players that have been asking.

Are you excited now? There are plenty more details we will explore further in the very near future, but this will have to hold you over until we see what is in store for tomorrow.

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