Allied Races, Who Else is Excited?

My favorite announcement from BlizzCon 2017 was for the Allied Races.  All the new cinematics were great, and yes, I’m excited for all the new content from Blizzard, but the single thing I’m looking forward to most is allied races. With every new expansion people wonder what will be new, will their be a new race, a new class, or something that completely changes how you feel about the game?  Well this year they’ve decided not just one new race, but six! I’m going to jump into these new races and share what I’ve learned.

You must earn the respect of the new allies to unlock the ability to create a character of that race.  Once you have made the character you can level through Azeroth, going anywhere you want with the new scaling system. You can boost or race change, but to earn the amazing cosmetic Heritage Armor set you must grind out levels 20-110.


  • Nightborne- The elves from Suramar are ready to find their place in the world and with a history that relates them to a tragic past like the Blood Elves, they turn to the Horde for alliance. Their racial passives and ability are unknown, but they can be played as Hunters, Mages, Monks, Priests, Rogues, Warlocks, and Warriors.
  • Highmountain Tauren- Just like the Highmountain zones these Taurens are distinguished from their customizable tribal paintings, carved markings on their horns, and even the horns on themselves. Also in druid form, the horns will be visible on bear and cat form as moose horns.  This race can be played as of course Druids, but also Warriors, Hunters, Shamans, and Monks. They will have racial passives to increase mining, versatility, take less damage, and loot additional meat and fish.  Their racial ability will be an on use ability with a 2 min CD known as: Bull Rush- charging forward for 1s, knock down enemies, and stun them for 1.5s.
  • Zandalari Troll- Not much is known yet about this new race of trolls, but from the images we can see a massive improvement for the male form.  Now, being a male troll, you don’t have to be a hunchback! We won’t know more about this race, until we get to the new zones.


  • Lightforged Draenei- This race of Draenei are blessed by the light and offer more customization than the old Draenei models with the ability to customize their horns, light tattoos, and a glowing rune on their forehead.  This race can be Warriors, Paladins, Hunters, Priests, and Mages. They will have racial passives for increased experience gain from killing beasts, holy light avenging their death with a small burst of damage to enemies and healing to allies, and they will take reduced holy damage. They will have 2 on use racial abilities: Light’s Judgement with a 2.5 min CD, calling down Holy light to deal a small aoe damage; Forge of Light, summoning a Forge of Light for Blacksmithing.
  • Void Elves- Not much is known about this race yet, but as we witnessed Alleria’s union with the void we can speculate a little about this new race.  We know their going to look amazing, and probably have very strong racial passives and abilities. They will have the class options of Hunters, Mages, Monks, Rogues, Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves-Not much is known yet about this new race of dwarves, but they look amazing scary. We will learn more about them when we get to explore the new world.

If you’re excited for these new classes, comment below!

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