BlizzCon 2017 Recap

With so much going on at BlizzCon it’s easy to get caught up in announcements and excitement, but I wanted to do a recap to go over the contest winners. These are Blizzard fans, just like me and you that had enough passion to go to BlizzCon and share their enthusiasm with the rest of us. I’ll start off with my favorite contest, the costume contest.

First place was Laura Mercer, dressed as Hogger.

Second place was Jim Raynor dressed in Hyperion armory.

Third place was Mike Casteel dressed as Velen the Prophet.


The next contest is always so entertaining and it’s the talent contest.

This year’s winner was Jay the Tavern Bard.

Second place was Overwatch fans Have No Fear rapping Payload.

Third place was Squirloc seeing a love song to Blizzard.

Up next we get to see so much talent in the art contest.

First place went to Sheng Yi Sun (Gasone) who created The Light of Elune.

Second place was by Wang Qichao (Gothic Q) with Illidan Stormrage.

Third place was by Joao Maria Frage de Almeida Freire with Valkyrie.

The final contest is the always entertaining movie contest.

This year’s winner was Winston by Lisa Aschieris.

Second place was Daydreamer by Andrew McCord.

Third place was Real Play by Roman Alymov.

So hopefully you’ve had your fill of fun and exciting news from Blizzard.  BlizzCon 2017 was a success and keep in mind all these people you come across in Blizzard worlds play these games, be positive and friendly. These unique and talented individuals may be working on their next work of art to share with us at the next BlizzCon and you want to be a positive part of that experience.

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