Antorus (Part 1)

I feel sweat making my hands sticky as I go through yet another portal to demonic infested lands from this strange world of Argus. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working my discipline with the light and I can feel my hands grow hot with heat as the light overloads me and I unleash Light’s Wrath on these demons. Tonight is the night, we’re finally going to breach Antorus, The Burning Throne. Our team has never been as strong and full of players as it is now, we’re all ready to end this bloody battle with Sargeras once and for all. I use the crucible to give my weapon the last boost of power with hopes that this evening’s raid will go smoothly.

I listen to Magni yet again tell me what awaits inside the raid, but I fear no amount of preparing will truly have me ready for what we will face.  I have studied the bosses that I know lie inside.  I have strategized with my team.  All that’s left is to do it. Blane and I decided that now is the best time to get some quality time together because we know the next few days will be packed with adventure as we push further and further into Antorus, he awaits me on the Vindicaar. My belly has started to swell, but it’s not very noticeable. I debate whether now is the time to tell him, or if I should wait until we’ve finished this raid. I wear a looser fitting gown and find myself trying to divert my attention to my growing breasts to distract from my growing belly.

As I wait for Blane to arrive, I sit dazed and lost in thought about my child and the upcoming battle. Blane joins me and without saying anything instinctively knows I need his comfort.  We sit watching and holding hands as we gaze out, looking at the fel expansion of Argus through the Vindicaar.  If we aren’t successful at stopping the Burning Legion, is this what Azeroth will become? “Our team is more than prepared thanks to your research. We will do fine,” Blane assures me as he kisses my head. “Knowing what to expect may be different than what may or may not happen… I know our team is strong, it’s the unknowns that we may run into in there that make me hesitant to rush in,” I respond as I gently squeeze his hand, what I don’t say is, ‘What if something happens and I lose our child that is growing within me?’. “Oswin, we’re so close to the end.  Then, maybe we can have a real life, build a family, settle down,” he tells me.  My heart leaps for joy at his words, it’s so reassuring to know that he wants the same future that I do. I know my team needs me to heal them through this dangerous situation, I’ll take extra precautions to protect my own life and the one growing inside of me. I turn to Blane and kiss him, letting my body share what my words cannot.

My sense of apprehension melts away, tonight we will face Sargeras…Who knows what secrets we may uncover?

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