Monthly Archives: December 2017

Antorus (Part 3)

All is merry and Azeroth is full of joy with the season’s tidings of Winter Veil, despite the fact that Azeroth is bleeding his lifeblood all around us. I stare into my now chilling mug of hot cocoa and swear to myself I’ll puke if I hear one more Christmas song.  There is no more […]

Antorus (Part 2)

As we bravely enter Antorus we’re met with a small army of resistance.  We quickly push past them and face our first gigantic demon that we must widdle away, Garothi Worldbreaker. The war machine attempts to use its clever weapons to annihilate and decimate our raid, but our team handles the weapons and rely on bloodlust […]

Antorus…too easy?

I have been baffled by how easily my guild cleared normal and heroic difficulty of the raid during the first few days.  AOTC has never felt so easy to achieve for a raid and it sort of feels meh. As we were coming in from Mythic ToS we expected to be able to breeze through normal […]