Antorus…too easy?

I have been baffled by how easily my guild cleared normal and heroic difficulty of the raid during the first few days.  AOTC has never felt so easy to achieve for a raid and it sort of feels meh. As we were coming in from Mythic ToS we expected to be able to breeze through normal and we did. We expected to hit some walls during heroic as we took the time to really learn the mechanics, we didn’t.  Heroic was nearly just as easy to breeze through as normal was, which was disappointing. As the last raid in the expansion, you want to feel good about conquering something that is hard.  You want your guild to overcome the struggles of the raid as you clear the content with teamwork…this raid doesn’t give you that same sense of accomplishment because it just feels easy.

(*not the best after raid SS, but I forgot to ask for someone else’s)

If a couple of dps die, just keep going you’re still going to kill it.  If you lose a healer, the other healers can probably push hard enough to get you through. If a tank dies, bres him and keep going. These were common occurrences that we found in Antorus. Why did Blizzard feel the need to make the last raid tier in Legion so easy to master? There were a lot of complaints that ToS was overturned, I was there, and it was. ToS was very unforgiving and one simple mistake from a dps could cause an entire raid wipe. That doesn’t mean that we wanted the next raid to be super easy. I know the balance is hard to find, but it is there. One of my favorite raids was Mythic Hellfire Citadel.  It had some very hard fights, some very easy, but for the most part, great coordination and communication paid off and made the boss kills feel great.  That’s what we need to bring raiding back to a positive experience for Mythic raiders.

(A YouTube video with snippets from our AOTC)

A week 1 pug group can fairly easy get AOTC…that is something I never thought I would see, and it honestly doesn’t make the raiders that were pushing for that feel good.  It makes us think, what’s the point?  Why coordinate strats, invest the time into being there with your team, just PUG into a group whenever you feel like it and you can get the same reward. It has been feeling like Blizzard is pushing away from competitive raiding, more so now than ever. First, you have war-forging and titan-forging, giving people that are doing LFR the same tier rewards as people completing Mythic content. Next, you announce you’re doing away with tier sets in the next expansion. Then, Blizzard announces Mythic keystones will have a place in next expansion meaning you’ll be able to use the high gear you get because there’s no holding out for tier sets…it seems like the need for raiding just became minimal. Finally, you take one last poo on raiding, by making it so easy that groups of random people can get together and clear it easy enough.

I hope going into Mythic Antorus this week I’m going to be pleasantly surprised as we encounter difficult fights, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Please share your Antorus experiences below and what you think of the last raid this expansion.

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