Antorus (Part 2)

As we bravely enter Antorus we’re met with a small army of resistance.  We quickly push past them and face our first gigantic demon that we must widdle away, Garothi Worldbreaker. The war machine attempts to use its clever weapons to annihilate and decimate our raid, but our team handles the weapons and rely on bloodlust to burn this beast quickly. As we explore in wonder we find ourselves upon the pets of Sargeras. His felhounds, F’harg and Shatug, are vicious creatures together, so we split them apart as we give it our all and kill the beasts. Following the elaborate and intricate Burning Throne, we finally make our way to the Antoran High Command. We turn these war machines that they have left open against their commanders, the battle drags on, but we band together and use our wits to finish off this battle.

I look to Blane, “I did not expect this great burning throne, home of Sargeras, to let us in so easily…maybe it’s a trap?” My entire team is a little puzzled, but we push further into the depths of Antorus. We make our way through the next few bosses, which feel like a blur. We killed a portal keeper, we defended Eonar, we made quick work of Imonar, Kin’garoth, and Varimathras. The entire raid was feeling like we were just way too powerful, but we didn’t complain.  Finally, a worthy adversary snuck upon us as the Coven of Shivarra.

The demented sisters of pain and torture couldn’t wait to encounter our raid.  We split them up, but the third sister escaped our reach as she began torturing the Titans, turning them against us.  Sweat, blood, and tears allowed us to overcome a true adversary as we celebrate the death of the coven and raise our fallen brethren. Somewhere in my jovial celebration, I let it slip to Blane, “I can’t wait until our baby gets to see our new world.”  He looks stunned as I realize the words that slipped from my mouth. How could I be so stupid? This isn’t how I wanted to tell him.  He doesn’t say a word, but our team gets more serious as we approach the son of Sargeras, a titan reborn for the destruction of worlds, Aggramar.

I try to pull my thoughts together as our team coordinates the crowd control of the burning embers that try to burn us alive as they reach Aggramar. We move as a team and we quickly learn from our mistakes as we master this fight and finally kill our first titan. We listen to words of encouragement as we go to face the world soul of Argus, our preparation pays off as we quickly deal with the encounter. We see Illidan jail Sargeras, but not before Sargeras left his lasting mark on Azeroth. With my heart saddened a little, I turn to Blane for comfort…only, he is not prepared to comfort me, he is mad.  We head back to the Vindicaar where we can have a private moment. “How can you come here, put yourself in danger, knowing that it’s not about you anymore?” he seethes at me.

“I’m doing what is best for me and this baby. I was here tonight to make sure that you would be coming home to be a father. I was there to mend your wounds, and those of our friends,” I reply as the tears well in my eyes. How can he turn such a wonderful night into an argument?


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