Pantheon Trinkets

So with a very low drop rate, we still don’t know much about these Pantheon Trinkets with two weeks of full clear.  Out of these two weeks, full raids, full clears on two difficulties, I have seen one Pantheon trinket drop. I think it’s time we know a little bit more about these trinkets and why they’re so rare.

First, Aman’Thul’s Vision, this legendary item has an ilvl of 1000 and isn’t restricted to being equipped with only one other legendary, meaning you can wear 3 if one of them is this trinket. This legendary will only drop from Argus and can’t be equipped with other Path of Titan trinkets.  As of right now, this drop rate seems extraordinarily low, like 0.1%, which means everyone is dying to have it, but few will. Maybe Blizzard will change the drop rate, but for right now, if you get one of these you’re extremely lucky. Bad luck protection won’t help you get this legendary.

As for the other Pantheon trinkets, they are set to drop at ilvl 940 from Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty, but these are probably limited to one lockout. So killing Argus the Unmaker on Heroic you get your chance at the Pantheon trinkets and legendary, if you don’t get one, you’re out of luck until next week…killing Argus on normal won’t help you get a trinket this week. This week we got the Pantheon’s Blessing (even if you don’t have the trinkets) so that when you hopefully get one, you can upgrade it. It is thought that the Pantheon trinkets have about a 5% drop rate, which is significantly better than the 0.1% for Aman’Thul’s, but still very low, considering you want your entire raid to get several; I think that the longer the raid is out, this rate will increase slightly so that the team has a better chance of experiencing the empowerment of the Titans.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the Trinkets check out this post from WoWHead.

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