Antorus (Part 3)

All is merry and Azeroth is full of joy with the season’s tidings of Winter Veil, despite the fact that Azeroth is bleeding his lifeblood all around us. I stare into my now chilling mug of hot cocoa and swear to myself I’ll puke if I hear one more Christmas song.  There is no more hiding my baby bump, everyone is now aware of the little life blossoming inside of me.  The guild has banded together and continues to clean up Argus, I’m with them for most of it, but things haven’t been the same between Blane and me.

He has apologized for his harsh words, he has tried to be supportive… I see all that he does and I do love him and can’t wait to be part of this family with him, but my core feeling is apprehension. I wish I had a mother to talk me through this tough time and guide me on this journey.  I know I’ll find my way, I have before.  The growing tensions with the Alliance are palpable and I fear it does not bode well for ‘Peace on Azeroth’, despite the jovial dwarves and humans singing it everywhere they go…

“Let’s go skirmish some Alliance scum!” Ravyn says as she pulls up a chair next to me.  I’m so thankful for my friend, she is the only one in the guild that isn’t treating me like a delicate flower that is losing its petals. I push away my cocoa and smile.

“I think that’s just what I need,” I tell her and we make our way to the arena. The first skirmish doesn’t go so well, but that’s usually the case… we quickly hop back into our groove and see our rating start to climb as well as my spirits.

This is what we’re all searching for in this world, not validation, but belonging.  In Azeroth people search for guilds that they want to feel like family.  You need those to keep it real, those that will undoubtedly create drama so it’s never boring, those to have your back, that sense of belonging is when you know you’re right where you need to be.

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