Monthly Archives: January 2018

Games that have Me Excited for 2018!

We are well on our way into the new year and that brings about many new exciting things, one of those being games. What games can we look forward to? I’m going to take a really long list and condense it into a few games that are well worth a mention and share what’s exciting […]

How to use Logs to Improve Performace

Ok, as promised, I’m here to talk about how to use logs (like Warcraftlogs) to improve your performance. In the past, I have mentioned tools like WoWAnalyzer as to look at your cast and tips to improve raw numbers in logs. This is different as in it’s understanding what you’re doing wrong, and how to […]

Parse Vs. Performance, the hot topic in End-game Guilds

So the hot topic in my guild and in most other guilds right now is Parsing Vs. Performing. There were recently a couple of videos on YouTube that breached this very subject and everyone has an opinion. Some that think parsing is everything, if you pull out those orange or yellow parses, then you are clearly […]

What’s New in WoW this Week

Patch 7.3.5 was released yesterday and while it’s exciting it’s also a bit of a letdown. Here’s the TL: DR of the patch notes-you get a few quests in Silithus to see where Sargeras threw his sword into Azeroth…that’s about it. A lot of people were expecting the release of the allied races when they […]

Back to the Mage Tower

I remember only a few months ago when the Mage Tower was the bane of my existence, but now, with more gear and power, they are so much easier. Going in to do the mage tower on alts feels like a fresh breath of air if you had tried it when the Mage Tower first came […]