Back to the Mage Tower

I remember only a few months ago when the Mage Tower was the bane of my existence, but now, with more gear and power, they are so much easier. Going in to do the mage tower on alts feels like a fresh breath of air if you had tried it when the Mage Tower first came out. Some people are mad that what was so challenging and rewarding to complete during the earlier dates, is now easily attainable…Blizzard said at the start this challenge would not scale with gear, meaning you could go in and overpower it. I am glad they are at least limiting it to Legion, this means you can’t come in and one shot the boss/mobs and be done with it…you do have to work and do a few mechanics to get through it, but with more HP and DPS the challenge in playing your character perfectly is easily overlooked.

My favorite Mage Tower Appearance for Disc Priest

When Battle for Azeroth is released, the mage tower artifact challenges are disappearing, along with our artifact weapons.  Blizzard has assured us that we will get to keep our transmog of the weapons we have come to know and love, so that means if you don’t get the mage tower challenge completed, this weapon skin will not be available to you. They will also be taking away the ability to obtain the Mythic +15 skin (in the balance of power tier). However, if you get the Keystone Master achievement during Legion, you can come back at any time to complete the Balance of Power and be able to use the skin for the Mythic +15.


Use these resources to help you obtain those last few skins before Legion is over.

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