What’s New in WoW this Week

Patch 7.3.5 was released yesterday and while it’s exciting it’s also a bit of a letdown. Here’s the TL: DR of the patch notes-you get a few quests in Silithus to see where Sargeras threw his sword into Azeroth…that’s about it. A lot of people were expecting the release of the allied races when they released the new scaling zone, but it didn’t happen.  So you can try out the new leveling if you choose, but when the new races come out, you have to level from 0-110 to get the heritage armor…which means you’ll want to level a character then.

If you loved this loading screen, then you’ll be happy to know Ulduar time walking raid is something to look forward to. So February 13th-February 20th, get your guild to throwback and check out Ulduar.

There is a new battleground, The Seething Shore, but it’s not out yet. So get a few more weeks of Silithus quests and it should unlock over the next couple of weeks, hopefully.

You can now also buy Legendary tokens from where you turn in the quest for 1000 waking essences, and everything gives six times more waking essences than before, so 1000 is not that hard to get.

The last change that may actually affect your current gameplay is the change in Mythic + keys, battle res can build up charges like in a raid. So even if you stack classes like druid, warlock, death knight, hunter…it won’t matter unless you let the charges build up. For such a hefty patch, I was a little letdown, but maybe they packed some goodies in there that we just can’t discover yet.


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