Parse Vs. Performance, the hot topic in End-game Guilds

So the hot topic in my guild and in most other guilds right now is Parsing Vs. Performing. There were recently a couple of videos on YouTube that breached this very subject and everyone has an opinion. Some that think parsing is everything, if you pull out those orange or yellow parses, then you are clearly the best.  Then, of course, there are those that say parse usually means cheese and even scumbags can parse. So to start off I want to explain what a parse is. When you kill a boss while you are combat logging, you can enter those logs into a database, like That database will enter your performance and rank it compared to others of your spec & ilvl so you can compare your performance to theirs. These parses will assign you a rank, say 98%, this means that you performed higher numbers than 98% of people that play the same class as you with similar gear.

What do they mean even scumbags can parse? Well, this means that someone with a lower raid-awareness or lower raid-performance can tunnel on the boss for better dps, which will give them higher dps/hps than those that don’t stop dps to interrupt, or to run out a mechanic. More dps/hps in the log will mean a higher parse than those that are having to stop dps for the betterment of the raid. So now, you have people in raid wanting to ignore certain mechanics so that they may achieve a higher parse. When you have more and more raiders wanting to ignore mechanics to have a better parse, then you’re risking the raid kill caused from a wipe.

So how can you judge performance? This is where you can turn to combat logs and dig into your raid performance (I will teach everyone how to do this in another blog). Performance is something that most guilds overlook when they’re recruiting, they see the parse and know that they can put out the dps requirements to kill bosses, but what I’m encouraging people to do is look for both.  Look at early kills when mechanics mattered, can they have good performance and still pull required the numbers? I find that a blue or purple parse can often time be just as valuable as an orange or yellow parse. What it comes down to is are you getting caught up in a single rank, or can you read the warcraft log and judge the player’s performance? Share what you think on Parse Vs Performance in the comments.

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