How to use Logs to Improve Performace

Ok, as promised, I’m here to talk about how to use logs (like Warcraftlogs) to improve your performance. In the past, I have mentioned tools like WoWAnalyzer as to look at your cast and tips to improve raw numbers in logs. This is different as in it’s understanding what you’re doing wrong, and how to get better. To start off you’ll obviously need a log, I’ll use mine as an example ( I’ll be using this log to analyze my performance as a whole and see what it is that I can do better to help this raid get a kill. What healers and dps will be vastly different, but as a disc priest, I will show both sides.

When you click the link it’ll show the main log like this on the analyze tab. This is an overall snap shot of the raid pull, but we will want to dig further into what it has to show us. 

The easiest and one of the most useful tools in warcraft logs is the Problems tab, you’ll notice this is the third tab on the top, same tier as Analyze which is the default. When you click it you’ll see some helpful suggestions like this. So you can see not everyone was using pre-pots and their second pot; that is cheating the raid out of extra dps from you or hps if you didn’t consume a mana pot. On the same tab as potions, you can explore whether or not people are utilizing health stones or if they died a slow death from not receiving heals (was it position or healer negligence), and lastly check the gear requirement to beat this boss.

Underneath that tier there’s a section for Avoidable Damage, this is taking responsibility for what is the damage you can avoid, and are you doing your best to do so? What exactly are you taking damage from, how much, is your death on your own hands or your healers? I see my avoidable damage is in the middle of the group; meaning I could avoid more, but it would be at the cost of not finishing some casts. Sometimes you have to make a judgment call and say will this kill me? Or is it more beneficial to finish the cast of light’s wrath that is going to save someone else, while also not doing significant damage to myself?

You can explore all of the tabs and see the next few down are to explore how your guild is handling the required mechanics, can you all do it better? Analyzing individuals as well as the group will allow your raid team to improve. As a raid lead, you should consistently evaluate logs if your team is having trouble with a boss. Identifying the problem, coming up with realistic solutions, and implementing them will grant you a kill. This was our best log of that night, which is why I chose to look at it in depth, with a 15% wipe, we know we’re getting closer to the kill, but something is still holding us back. When we make people aware of their avoidable damage, awareness to utilities like health stone usage,pre-pots and second pots, personal CDs, or even swapping to Prydaz to ensure they can live through more avoidable damage if they need to stand still more to finish casts.  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or want more advice on log reading.

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