BFA Even More Races?!?

So data miners don’t stop, no matter how much Blizzard releases because WoW fans simply want to know. So whether it’s an Easter egg planted to see how far data miners will go to spoil data or if it’s actually real, it seems there may be another playable race coming in BFA, known as Vulpera. The Vulpera are cute fox people that appear to share a similar skin to goblins. People found the Vulpera the same way that Void Elves, Dark Iron Dwarves, Light-forged Draenei, and Nightborn were all discovered early from data mining and we knew before Blizzard told us that we were going to get to play them.

So the speculation, I have found posts saying the Vulpera will be Alliance Only, Horde Only, or possibly another neutral race like Panda.  There isn’t anything confirmed at this point, but it seems most are saying that Vulpera will be Horde only because as of right now they are sharing a similar skin to Goblins and have a Horde only character select screen. There is also speculation that with this race being Horde the Alliance will be getting a more customizable Human race, which definitely feels to fall in the shadow of Vulpera.  However, the Alliance did get awesome Void Elves, where we got Nightborne.  I hope this is actually true because these character models are cute. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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