Beta Testing!!!

So with BFA coming out in about half a year, people are super excited to take to the PTR and see what’s in store. There are countless posts from WoWHead and MMOChampion that have been mentioning what’s in store. So if you can’t play on Beta yet, here’s the TL:DR of what you’re missing.

Hunters won’t be able to bres in BFA, but they’ll have more options to bringing lust with it being available on many more pets. All pets will now be tank or dps, so hunters will have better options on which pets they want to bring along.

Priests are getting Power Word: Fortitude back, meaning everyone will get that 10% Stam buff again!

Warlocks are looking at a revamp moving into BFA, especially Demonology spec.

The best news for BFA though, no RNG that will make or break your character! No legendaries you have to wait for to drop, no relics you need to roll perfectly, no waiting for a specific piece of tier to drop for you so you can wear a certain legendary. Azerite is earned to make you more powerful and is earned from regular gameplay, and the Azerite Armor clearly states which traits it will carry so you can farm for the ones you want, but have more than one option to get it.

I’m really looking forward to seeing changes in BFA and being able to enjoy less RNG and more fun times hopefully, share how you feel below!

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