Blizzard, A Dream Job?

Recently Blizzard showed up again on one of the best places to work list from Forbes. This is the fourth year in a row that this once small company, built in 1991 has risen to compete with the best companies in the world. Blizzard employees seem to have a passion for their product that reflects in their work, but who wouldn’t love working there?

Here are a few perks employees of Blizzard experience.

  1. Blizzard Academy, a place to learn sculpting, modeling, screen-writing, sketching, and more.
  2. Service Awards, to recognize hard work.
  3. Boot-camps to train in Aikido and swordsmanship.
  4. Gaming zones, for on break employees and off the clock employees to enjoy the games they’ve helped create. They also host tournaments for the employees.
  5. 5×5 innovation challenges, a shark-tank style contest that helps solve real-world business problems.

Those all sound like some pretty good ways to help keep employees motivated and happy. It’s nice to know that the people that put work into what we get to enjoy every day likely aren’t miserable doing it. Blizzard is an amazing company that is growing every day, and it’s not only reaching the entire world, but it’s impacting it. I’m always proud to see Blizzard’s name showing up more and more; hopefully, they’ll keep on the steady climb and rise from 84 to the top.

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