Battle For Azeroth Beta Testing

So if you’ve been selected as one of the lucky few, then you’ve been playing on the Battle For Azeroth Beta test realm and getting to see all of the exciting changes first hand. If not, don’t worry, I’ll tell you where to find what’s changing and how it’ll affect your class.

First off we’ve all been expecting the upcoming squish, and of course, some people are happy and some are mad, but the bottom line is that it makes sense. Around ilvl 970 and you’re thinking this is going to get a bit confusing as you move into BFA and push your ilvl over 1000, so it makes sense to reset that and bring it back to a more manageable number, as well as dps and hps. Here’s how our new ilvls will look.

Starting out in BFA with an ilvl of around 250 will feel strange at first, but we all know that gear gets replaced by getting close to the new max player level. There’s more information as to how all this scales and secondary stats, which you’ll find here.

It’s still early on, but now the test realm is getting really active with changes to our classes and they’re sounding pretty interesting for most. I’m excited about buffs coming back to some classes that will affect the entire raid. I’m also puzzled by some of the changes like giving disc priests no CD on power word shield, again. We’ve seen that before and it wasn’t great for other healers. This is still early though and many more changes will come in to play. If you’re excited to learn more about your class, check out the details here.

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