Get Ready for BFA-Part 1

So getting ready for a new expansion of World of Warcraft is overwhelming and exciting. You want to know where to start, what to do, and what to possibly skip to make the most of your time as you jump into BFA. August is right around the corner and we can expect some of the content to come in pre-patches leading up to the release date. Azerite is obviously going to be the bread and butter of this expansion, you need it to fuel your power so you can continue to defeat your opponents. One of the best ways to get azerite will be through island expeditions a new feature that’s not like anything we’ve seen in WoW before.

Here’s a short video from WoW devs to introduce the idea.

I absolutely love the idea of really smart NPCs; hopefully, Blizzard delivers a system that is fun and doesn’t become boring on competitive repetition as we farm these island explorations for azerite. I personally like PvP, but as skill starts to interfere with reward, you better hope you have a good team that loves to PvP as well. Leave a comment below if you’re also excited about taking on an island expedition and exploring the world of Azeroth like never before.

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