God of War, is UhMayZing!

So as you can see, I’m super excited about God of War. If you don’t have a PS is it worth buying one, yes. The graphics alone are the best quality I have ever seen in a game of this magnitude. The gameplay feels similar to old God of War games, but feels revamped and smoother to master the controls. The harder modes of the game are extremely challenging, so playing it through on normal mode is definitely the path I recommend.

This game is packed with so many sidelines and amazing reveals that it’s surprising most aren’t considered part of the central quest. So make sure if you beat the story mode quick, to go back and explore these so you get the full effect. I’ll avoid spoilers, but know that most of the really great content from the story is found in the side quests. For a game that’s a decade old, it’s nice to see that they’ve maintained the exceptional quality of the story without bogging it down with bad quests. This game is very well done and one of the bests on the market right now.

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