Best Way to Level Alts in WoW

This is just my opinion, but once you level one or two characters in World of Warcraft…it is not very enjoyable to do even more. But what about your other characters that are stuck at 110 and you want them to get to 120? Won’t they be so far behind? What about rep grind? What about the Azerite neck level? So here are my tips/tricks to level up your characters with the least amount of pain.

First things first, Blizzard is fixing the rep grind, soon reputation will be account bound, so you won’t need to worry about Champions of Azeroth too much. If you want your neck ilvl boosted sooner, just do CoA world quests and especially when it’s their turn to be the emissary.

Next, level your toon by doing Island Expeditions!!! These are quick ques, super easy if you’re leveling with a small group of friends, and they don’t usually last long. I was getting a little more than a level an hour doing this, not to mention my neck leveled so quickly in rank. By the time I reached 120 from doing Island Expeditions, my neck was a level 15; whereas the alt I leveled through questing and doing end zone dungeons was only a level 9. Being able to access those second and third tier traits quicker felt really good, nothing feels worse than getting a 340 azerite piece on a fresh toon and having no traits unlocked because your neck is too low in power.

The only downfall to leveling by Island Expeditions is you don’t get much gear, so your ilvl feels so low at 120. To help balance this, I would pick up the quest for the dungeon (Motherlode for Horde) around level 116, this is a ton of easy xp and maybe you will get some loot. If not, no worries, once you unlock your world quests, you will get some easy gear to boost you. Kill the world boss first, do everything you can (buy b.o.e’s, even greens or blues, very cheap on AH) to boost your ilvl before you do all the world quests for gear. As your item level gets higher, so do the ilvl of the rewards on the map.

The main reason I think expeditions are the best way to level is that you get Azerite Power for your neck, very quickly leveling it. Gear from leveling by questing is usually replaced quickly and that is the only thing you miss out on; while leveling when questing can be super easy with addons like Azeroth AutoPilot, you are still left feeling the need to grind out so much Azertite Power for your neck. That’s the best advice I can give to get a decent alt for the least amount of time and work. Leave a comment if you try this way and let us know if it works for you.


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