Uldir, The First Raid

So now that we are well into Battle for Azeroth, how are you feeling about the first half of the raid? Personally, I have loved every minute of it. I feel like it’s a really good first raid for this expansion, especially when compared to the previous in Legion and WoD. The mechanics are easy to understand, but not so easy to master, giving us a really nice balanced environment. I feel like the progression from the first boss to the last is very smooth and pushes raiders to perform better in order to kill the later bosses. Let’s take a quick look at what each boss puts us up against.

First, Taloc. This boss is easy, and the pressure is more on the tanks to know what is going on to make the fight more simple. At 100 energy he rushes to the tank, throws his cudgel…that’s pretty much it for the first part. Then he takes a little nap, while you ride down an elevator. Once at the bottom he’s back to throwing his temper tantrum, while the tank also helps soak the adds, you lust here and kill him. Super easy boss on all difficulties.

Next, Mother. This boss became a meme for our raiders asking Mommy for chicken tendies (aka good loot) during progression. Not really sure why they named this boss Mother, but she’s a very straightforward mechanic boss, of moving through the defense walls, a little at a time, or a lot (with planned cds from heals); and dodging some swirls on the ground, running against the fire walls, and dodging the beams as they come across the room. It seems like a lot going on, but once you learn the dance, this boss becomes an easy kill and rekill.

Up next, Fetid Devourer. This boss is a loot pinata on normal and heroic it seems, but on Mythic you’ll find it’s your dps check. Don’t stand in front, healers heavy spot heal, kill the adds. That’s it, just do enough dps before enrage and the boss will die.

After loot pinata, you meet Vectis…and his terrible Omega Vectors. This fight can easily become a nightmare as people get the aids debuff and keep sharing it to the same person…On heroic, if one person gets stuck with all 3 stacks, it’s pretty much over. Because those 3 stacks jump to someone else, and then to someone else…eventually you run out of ways to keep those people alive.  Spread, and work on raid awareness for this fight. Positioning here for everyone is very important, this fight can also serve as an hps check as things can easily get out of hand.

Up next is Zek’Voz. A fairly simple fight, of moving your feet when you need to. This fight is important for dps to know their jobs. They’ll need to help with adds, cc, interrupt, soak orbs. All the while you spread for eye beams, dodge the surging darkness on the ground, run out your rolling deceits. There is a lot going on, but communication during this fight is the key to a kill.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the rest of the raid, and I would love to hear your feedback.


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