Uldir, When The Raid Gets Hard

So if you’ve read my first post about Uldir, you’ll notice that what I call the first half of the raid is easy. The first five bosses of the encounter are fairly simple compared to the last three. Our first real challenge is Zul, Reborn. Zul is a two-stage fight, the first stage will last until you push Zul to 40% health. So there’s a debuff to soak, a debuff to run out, adds to kill, minions to dispel (or kill before they reach people). Depending on your raid comp, some cc and interrupts may be essential for your group to kill this boss. Once Zul reaches 40% he does a knockback (DON’T BE NEAR THE EDGE!), and then he does a soft enrage. He will stop summoning adds, so everyone gets to focus the boss and just kill him before the ticking damage gets to be too much.

Once Zul is dead, the platform from the middle of the room drops and you get to see Mythrax below the raid. While Mythrax the Unraveler isn’t a terribly hard encounter, it is a very unforgiving fight. This fight is simplified by staying spread, by at least 5 yards, the entire time…you really only have to be spread for oblivion spheres, but people tend to not know when they’re coming. Run out debuffs, stay away from the front of the boss, and stay spread, then he will go into Phase 2 where he stands in the middle of the room and casts a beam that you need to dodge; you will also kill the adds, starting with the big ones, then the small ones. He will go back into Phase 1 and all the adds need to be dead as soon as possible to make the fight go more smoothly. That’s it for this guy, rinse and repeat until the boss is dead.

You’re almost there, only one more boss to go. G’huun is a fight where every single player is important, especially on Heroic and higher difficulty. This is a very long fight, where timing is very important. Phase one is all about the adds and orbs. Let’s start with the adds, the dark young doesn’t need to die too quick, you’ll want everyone to get the first buff, then they can get the third, just before the stun and they kill everything. The other adds need to be interrupted because their cast causes a debuff that stacks on players making them take more and more damage, and before you know it, they get one shot. People should take our their white goo debuff so it’s away from the raid and keeping the middle of the room clear. Also, the orb runners need to be well prepared, they will get rooted with the orb, and while some classes can solo; others will need to consist of teams. Since the orb causes a debuff, you can’t let one person or one group handle every orb run. You need at least half of the raid prepared to run the orbs (on Heroic or higher). Once you get your first stun (reorgination blast), when the third orb is deposited, you transition into phase two; where G’huun will come out of the wall.

Now that you’re face to face with G’huun, don’t get freaked out by his health pool; that’s what you have orb runners for. They’ll start working on getting the next Reorigination Blast, while you slowly widdle down his health, run out debuff, and get ready to stack in Blood Feast to remove stacks of debuff. Depending on your damage in the raid, either everyone will soak the first or second Blood Feast. When you soak the blood feast, it’ll spawn an add, the add’s health is based on how many stacks it removed (so basically more people, bigger add); tanks need to pick up this add right away and misdirects and tricks really help here. You’ll want to time it that your second Reorigination Blast will stun the big, dangerous add. Then you will kill the add and bring G’huun to 20% health.

Phase three will start as soon as the second blast is over and G’huun is at 20%, no more orbs to help you; you just need to kill the boss. Dodge the falling ceiling, or the goo and pustules on the ground, turn your back on the boss before he casts his fear, and kill the boss. This phase is hectic, but once you get the dance down, the boss goes down too.

That’s it for Uldir, what do you think of the raid? How do you like the scaling of the boss mechanics from start to finish?

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