Hallow’s End is Here!

It’s almost Halloween and with that rides in the infamous headless horseman. If you haven’t stolen his mount, maybe this will be your lucky year. Last year we saw a lot of goodies added, so I was expecting at least a few new things, but it seems there is only one. A new Hearthstone? That’s it, the new Headless Horseman Hearthstone is worth 150 Tricky Treats and it will return you to your last saved inn.

So the major issue here for me is Undercity. Here was a perfect opportunity for Blizzard to do something great with this event. Instead, you still have the Alliance quests of them bombing Undercity…even though Undercity has been completely destroyed?!?

So here’s the TL;DR of what you may want this Hallow’s End it started yesterday, October 18th, and will go to November 1st, 2018.

Anyone that is 120 and can use 335 loot, should kill the Horseman daily, especially if you don’t have the mount yet. Remember even alts can kill him daily, as long as they are level 21 or higher. (If you really want to boost your chances at the mount) Also if you’re into playing your alts right now, or if your mains need rep, burn the Wickerman outside Stormwind and Undercity for the exp & rep boost of 10% lasting for 2 hours.

If you like farming the Tricky Treats, you can purchase the following.

Naxxy, undead pet, 150 treats. (Can be resold)

Xavius, Deathwing, Lich King, or Grommash Costumes, 200 treats each.

Horse Head and Horse Tail, 150 treats each.

Heirloom Armor Upgrade, 450 treats.

Various Masks and Wands, 2-5 treats each.

Don’t forget there’s lots of toys and transmog that are easy to get right now, so if that’s your thing, I recommend this guide from WowHead. And if you really want to try hard, you can go for the title- ___the Hallowed. Goodluck!

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