What You Missed At Blizzcon 2018

This year at Blizzcon there were a few really big announcements, I’ll highlight them here for you.

The first is that Destiny 2 is completely free on PC, until November 18th.So if you haven’t downloaded it, now is your chance!

Next, Overwatch released a new short that goes more into McCree’s background and to also introduce the new Overwatch character, Ashe.

Ashe is a pretty cool character; she is a hero that can deal some serious damage and her ultimate is her robo companion, Bob. She’s playable on the PTR and is so much fun, I think she will be on Live just in time for the Holiday season.

Overwatch seemed to be a big focus this year at Blizzcon, they also release several new Lego sets for the Overwatch brand. As of now, you can purchase Lego sets for Tracer, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Genji, Soldier: 76, D. Va, Pharah, McCree, Reinhardt, Reaper, Winston, and Mercy. This is marked as wave 1, so I’ll be willing to bet that even more hero sets will be coming soon.

Diablo is getting a completely mobile interface called Diablo immortal. This will be available on iOS and Andriod and will be a full MMO RPG.

And the last big thing I want to mention is of course, what is Blizzard doing for World of Warcraft? It seems like the Horde will be faced with a huge choice. For the first time, game devs are letting you choose how your story will be played, but it seems like the ending is already set. So you’ll get to decide to follow Sylvanas or Saurfang; Sylvanas has been pretty sketchy as of late and it’s no wonder the Horde is fracturing under her leadership.

Share in the comments on what you think the outcome may be or how you feel about Sylvanas’ leadership of the Horde.

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