Blizzard Museum is Updated!

The Blizzard Museum is a wonderful place for us WoW nerds, especially the ones that love the lore behind the game. World of Warcraft is a different brand of game because of how immersive it can truly be for the players. It has its own history, culture, and experience. Gamers can decide how much of a WoW experience they want and read the books, study the history that goes into each story, and experience every aspect of this world. However, this isn’t required to have fun and understand what’s going on. Some players in WoW simply enjoy the gameplay and don’t pay much attention to the lore, and that’s ok. It’s rare to find a game that can be so immersive and people can enjoy it so much that they can continue to love it and learn about it even when they’re not playing.

For those of you that want to know more, that want to experience more of the game in a hands-on (IRL) experience, I recommend a trip to Irvine, CA. Before you make your plans though, start here-> send an email to Include your full name (matching your ID), email address, and your age and preferred tour date. Then you wait. All tours are FREE and are typically scheduled towards the end of the month. So don’t just show up, they won’t let you in. Once you get your confirmation email, you can begin planning your trip.


So, what can you expect to get out of this trip? You will see the theater, library, common areas of the campus (they’ll share interesting facts along the way), and the coolest part, you’ll see the updated Blizzard Museum! Their newest exhibit is all about Battle for Azeroth. In this museum, you’ll see art, props, and like any other museum, history. The history of Azeroth.

For those that can make the dream trip, here are a few images from Blizzard’s website sharing their updated museum photos.

Share in the comments below on what you think about Blizzard’s Museum. 🙂

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