Black Friday 2018 Sales

It’s that time of year again! This year there are so many sales, it can become very overwhelming, very quickly. As you scurry through the abundance of online ads, or search pointlessly for what you’re wanting + black Friday deals into google, you start to worry, afraid you’ll miss the good deals, but no fear. I’ll try to hit the high points on the sales that just shouldn’t be overlooked.

First, let’s start with the huge purchase items for gaming, like consoles and computer equipment. The best deal for an Xbox 1 X is going to be found at Best Buy. They’re selling the special edition Battlefield V console with Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield 1943. Also, you’ll get an additional controller all for $430. If you’re just interested in the console, the best deal can be found on eBay, buying the console only for $380. The next console that is quickly rising through the ranks is the Nintendo Switch. There are not many great sales listed for this console, but at BestBuy you can get the Fortnite bundle or at Wal-Mart you can get the Mario Kart 8 bundle, these are both listed at $300, so you’re basically getting a free game with the console, based off the bundle you choose. Next up is for PC gamers, if you’re wanting to upgrade your current setup, or purchase an entirely new gaming system, Newegg is having the best sales for Black Friday that I’ve seen so far. Last, but not least, the best holiday console discount is for the PS4 Spiderman Bundle. Spiderman won the best game of the year award, and the PS4 slim bundle with Spiderman can be purchased for only $200!

Now, let’s talk content sales! There are way too many individual sales at local shops to pinpoint the best deals; however, the xbox game store is showing some decent deals. Games up to 65% off; popular titles like CoD Black Ops 4, $48; Fifa 19, $30, and many more. The best deal on the game store is Gold & Game Pass costing only $1/month each. For the PS4, the game store is having discounts up to 80% off select game titles. The best accessory deal is going to be the controllers at Wal-Mart for $40 and VR bundles there also for $200 & $250.

On side note, Blizzard is hosting it’s own Black Friday deals. All the highlights were posted today and can be seen here.

Best of luck with your holiday shopping! 🙂

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