Tides of Vengeance Rolls in TODAY!

The Tides of Vengeance are rolling in, are you ready? It’s finally here!

Patch Day, this is the first big patch since the release of Battle for Azeroth, and many of us are on the edge of our seats.

So here’s some light reading about what you should do when you can finally log into WoW today. First, if you’re like everyone I know, go open your weekly chest caches.

This week you’ll get some Titan Residuum to start collecting towards a specific piece of Azerite Armor. Then, you should start the new questline for the Darkshore Warfront.

After that, get caught up in the War Campaign. If it suits your fancy and you are a blood elf or dwarf go get your Heritage Armor set.

You can also explore the new Island Expedition & the rewards system, also maybe buy the Saltwater Seahorse mount from the doubloon vendor. There is also a new addition in this patch called Incursions.

These will be similar to Legion Assaults as to how they’re featured on the map; however, your opponent is the opposing faction. Lastly, complete the Heart of Azeroth quests on your alts, so they can receive the full benefits of the account-bound reputation.

Listed above is really all the new content you can explore until January 22nd. So that means the deadline is running for a few achievements in the game. You will have 6 weeks to get AOTC & CE: G’huun. PvP Season 1 is also on the same deadline, so if you’re working towards the Dread Gladiator’s Proto-Drake or the Vicious War Clefthoof (Horde)/ Vicious War Riverbeast (Alliance), you should push those out these last few weeks.

Mythic + will also have a new season coming, so this is your last chance to earn BfA Keystone Conqueror: Season One; BfA Keystone Master: Season One.

Finally, the last things I would like to mention are the class changes. Some movement abilities are coming off the GCD! While this is great, I wish it was all movement abilities. Among those changes are Vengeful Retreat, Wild Charge, Charge, Ignore Pain, Intercept, & Harpoon.

Paladins are getting new spell animations, mainly for holy, which I feel were much needed. Also, some underused Azerite Traits were removed and every spec has a new trait. Check out the changes in your class pages or discord.

Share in the comments about what you think of patch 8.1. 🙂

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