Battle of Dazar’alor Raid- Part 2

Battle for Dazar'alor Part 2

I finally finished the last three bosses of the raid; if there are any other casual raiders out there…you can feel my frustration of being stuck in pugs, trying to work on getting in the raid with your busy guild (when they have a spot), and just downing these tough bosses without a consistent raid team. –Rant over– So this is the part of the raid that is played as Alliance (Alliance players will transform into the Horde, just like we did for the middle section of the raid.)

The seventh boss of the raid is High Tinker Mekkartorque, and communication is key; not only for this fight but the entire last half of the raid. On this fight, watch out for the cannon, as long as you move away your healers will be happy and you’ll live to keep on fighting. Also, watch out for blast off, basically if you see a circle on the ground…move! Healers should also be ready to use Healing CDs here because there is so much damage going out. If you get the wormhole, go to the center, so hopefully, everyone can still take out their debuffs on time. **The most important part of the fight is breaking LOS to drop off your gigavolt charge. This stuff can spread like cancer so quickly and slowly it’ll just start destroying the raid.  Make sure you deal with the sparkbots, knockbacks and roots are the best cc for them. Once the members of the raid are shrunk to deal with the bots, the team has to be ready to help them self-destruct. When the 3 people go in, they should be given a mark for a couple of reasons (1, so people don’t run over them and stun them. 2, when their code is getting called out, they know easily which code is for which bot).  Phase two is so hectic…it’s dodge, dodge, dodge…raid awareness during this phase will make or break your team.

The eighth boss of the raid is the Stormwall Blockade is so unforgiving. You’ll start out by splitting your raid up fairly even to deal with the two ships. No matter which ship you’re on you need to be prepared for the mini bosses…run out debuffs, interrupt, kill the adds, and dodge all the bad stuff.

On Heroic you’ll be fighting both bosses as they’ll swap ships at 50% health…and they don’t share hp; make sure you tell a team to hold back or push when needed; you’ll also need to watch their hp as they get close to dying. Your team will want transitions to be smooth and within a couple of seconds of each other. When they’re both taken care of, click the orb as you face the actual boss in the center platform; before you interrupt the boss allow healers to use a channel pot and then start the encounter with an interrupt.

Kill him before he reaches 100% energy or it will be a wipe.

Move as a group to drop the sea swell patches and make sure you’re not in them when it lands. Use storm’s wail debuff to clear the patches; however, don’t spawn your add directly in front of the boss. Use the debuff to start clearing in the front and then make your way farther back. This add can be slowed but should be killed before reaching the boss, or he gains a bunch of energy; when the add dies it will leave an electric orb on the ground that pulsates damage, as the stacks get higher on the raid, healers will need to use CDs… when you have more than one add at a time it becomes a little harder to manage because the orbs can start to cause a lot of damage as the stacks get higher more quickly. Having the tanks drop their debuffs on the adds makes dealing with them so much easier. Help soak the ire of deep (huge water drop) and this is the fight. Not too bad for a second to last boss and for our team it felt easier than the seventh boss.

The ninth boss of the raid is Jaina…and as a true horde player, I’m so glad she was the final boss. First, you start off on a ship fighting Jaina and some adds. The adds drop bombs that need to be picked up and thrown overboard; kill these adds and use cc to make this phase easier. There will be other Alliance ships attacking you and you should dodge the bad on the ground and have players jump in the vehicles on the side to help destroy the Alliance ships; on heroic you have to land 6 hits to sink the attacking boat. If you get the comet debuff, help clear the fire patches so your team has more room to move around (just don’t run over other debuffed players). It’s also very important that you leave at least one fire patch for players to remove their chilling touch debuffs and not become frozen (clear it before 20stacks, and don’t drop below 80% if you have 20 or you’ll be frozen for 30s.

When Jaina does the ring of ice cast, get out of it. The animation is huge and there’s no way to miss it; therefore, no excuse to get frozen and if you run out and into a fire patch you can avoid being rooted as well.

Jaina will randomly root people and these people need to be quickly dispelled so they can dodge what needs to be dodged. Phase two starts when Jaina runs away and you have to follow her. There’s some pretty cool cinematics here as you get to chase her down; dodge the tornados and glacial shards as you stay with the group, visibility is limited during this phase. Once you reach her and interrupt her, the next phase begins. During this phase, the RL has to coordinate which barrels will be blown up and when. Everyone needs to be aware of the plan to keep coms clear for call outs and. These barrels will be essential in resetting your chilling touch debuff so the entire raid isn’t just standing somewhere frozen and useless move away from it before it explodes. You’ll push her into the last phase at 30% when she teleports to the middle and resets everyone’s stacks. When she starts casting flash freeze, you’ll want to start destroying the ice wall and make more room to get away from the freeze. You’ll free Nathanos and then someone needs to interrupt Jaina’s flash freeze. Also interrupt the water elemental and watch out for the arcane barrage on the ground; after the elemental is dead someone can interrupt Jaina to begin the last phase. During this phase, there are no more heat sources…so it’s important to help free players if they become frozen (ESP the TANKS!). This last part of the fight it’s important for the RL to have a plan for how you’re dealing with the ice shards and undoubtedly being frozen. As long as everyone is on board, knows their role…dodges, keep up with stacks and helps to kill the boss it is a smooth fight. For an end of raid boss, she’s pretty chill XD.

I loved this raid and I can’t wait to fight all of the bosses on mythic. How did you enjoy this raid? Share your comments, tips, and any input you have with us. 🙂

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