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Faith in the Light (Part 1)

My hands were trembling as I grasped T’uure. I still couldn’t believe that such great power was resting in my hands.  I could feel the warm embrace of the light as it coursed through my blood, warming my very skin and making my heart race.  In a flash of the moment I remembered Sen’jin, the […]

Horde or Alliance Who do you play for?

The oldest debate in the game, horde or alliance, which is better?  You’ll find the die hard fans of World of Warcraft usually have a preference and I wanted to look into it a little further. So I started out on the Horde because it’s what my husband played and he was kind enough to […]

World of Warcraft Lore- Final Part

Ok, so if you’ve read the other posts you’re pretty much caught up through Cataclysm, but we still have more expansions!  The story line a lore in World of Warcraft is so in depth because it cover many, many years of history. Following the lore doesn’t get any easier when the characters time travel and those […]

World of Warcraft Lore- Part 6

Sylvanas the Banshee After Arthas became the most feared Death Knight in Azeroth he was haunted by Kel’Thuzad.  Now that Arthas was on the same side as the evil mage, Kel’Thuzad wanted revival, so he instructed Arthas to bring his remains to the Sunwell within Quel’Thalas.  The Scourge destroyed the high elven city, while the […]

World of Warcraft Lore- Part 5

Horde Vs. Alliance So we’re at the crossroads every World of Warcraft player comes to, are you for the Horde or Alliance?  This part of lore starts just after the orcs came to Azeroth. We have the factions, Horde, led by Doomhammer, and the Alliance led by Lothar, fighting non stop for the upper hand […]