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World of Warcraft Lore- Part 2

Destruction of the Well of Eternity Ok, so when we left off Malfurion, Tyrande, and Cenarius are going to destroy the Well of Eternity.  Wait, there’s a name missing there… That’s right, Illidan has now left the group.  Somewhere along the way, Malfurion and Tyrande have now became an item and it drives Illidan crazy. […]

Ok, so these buildings on the Broken Shore…

I will do my best to not go on an aimless rant, but these things are sometimes awesome and sometimes complete crap.  What’s this latest buff, light as a feather?!? No thanks Blizzard, who cares about walking on water when we can fly??? Mage Tower Ok, so the Mage Tower, the one we all want […]

World of Warcraft Lore-Start Here

Anyone who plays World of Warcraft knows that the lore behind the story is rich and very entertaining. However, there is so much, it’s very overwhelming.  I’m going to break down the lore behind Azeroth so you can know what’s really going on. The Beginning The first beings that emerged out of the chaos of […]