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WoW all the Mounts!

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Is it just me or has the latest patch in World of Warcraft felt enriched with mounts? I don’t feel like I noticed it right away, but it seems to be more than I’ve ever seen released in one patch. I’m just going to recap some of these fantastic mounts and where you can get them. The first mount that …

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Better Together, Indeed

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Recently Minecraft, a sand-box style game for building and exploring with digital blocks, has taken a huge step in the gaming industry.  They’ve stepped forward with their newest update called “Better Together” and have bridged the gaps so that all their players can cross platform and play together.  This update includes players gaming from mobile devices, PC, Xbox, and even …

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E-Sports and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational

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The recent Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) showed us World of Warcraft like never before, allowing for E-Sports in a PvE environment. Most people in the game are highly opinionated when it comes to Mythic Plus dungeons either for or against, but opinions aside, Mythic + has changed World of Warcraft. Allowing a close-knit group to push themselves like never before …