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Pantheon Trinkets

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So with a very low drop rate, we still don’t know much about these Pantheon Trinkets with two weeks of full clear.  Out of these two weeks, full raids, full clears on two difficulties, I have seen one Pantheon trinket drop. I think it’s time we know a little bit more about these trinkets and why they’re so rare. First, …

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Antorus (Part 2)

In Legion, Öswin@Illidan Musing of a Priest, World of Warcraft by Oswin0 Comments

As we bravely enter Antorus we’re met with a small army of resistance.  We quickly push past them and face our first gigantic demon that we must widdle away, Garothi Worldbreaker. The war machine attempts to use its clever weapons to annihilate and decimate our raid, but our team handles the weapons and rely on bloodlust to burn this beast quickly. …