>Leader in virtual sales releases guide on how to buy wow account(s) E-mail | Print | PDF (MMD Newswire) August 24, 2009 — Leader in virtual sales Tgs.net releases guide on how to successfully buy wow account (s) in an ever changing virtual marketplace. Over 50 million people play MMORPG’s according to recent estimates. Over […]

>RMT Market Update: TheGameSupply.net puts security first with Verisign certification to buy wow account(s) from Tgs.net.

>Customer security is put first at Thegamesupply.net (Http://tgs.net/) by utilization of Verisign EV SSL Certificates and advanced customer identification software. As ecommerce faces increased security threats, abandoned transactions, and the huge growth of social networks many business are looking to boost consumer confidence in their product. One good way to do this is utilization of […]